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  1. EE_wbl_report.pdf

    EE_wbl_report.pdf Flexible Pedagogies: employer engagement and work-based learning Jane Kettle ... uncommon and their motivations may be viewed with suspicion or as disloyalty. Others were denied paid time ... flexible learning is conceptualised differently from the point of view of different stakeholders. So application/pdf attached to:Flexible pedagogies: employer engagement and work-based learning

  2. Learning_from_Experience_in_EE.pdf

    Learning_from_Experience_in_EE.pdf Layout 1 Learning from Experience in Employer Engagement Edited ... on a contracted basis.The company is in a highly competitive market but view people development as ... approval procedures will enable and support a timely response to meeting client need. A stereotypical view application/pdf attached to:Learning from Experience in Employer Engagement

  3. 1_3_3_Book_of_Abstracts_2014_final.pdf

    1_3_3_Book_of_Abstracts_2014_final.pdf Book of Abstracts BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology (Counselling ... in to how mental health conditions and treatments are viewed by people of Pakistani heritage Sehrish ... to take step towards interventions which will enable children to have positive views on community application/pdf attached to:Book of abstracts: BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology (Counselling and Health)

  4. 113_article_teaching_in_UK.doc

    113_article_teaching_in_UK.doc Chairside teaching and the perceptions of dental teachers in the UK ... this reason the method was used to produce a strand of results that could be viewed alongside a more ... calibrate the single school’s chairside teaching situation against their own views on chairside teaching at application/msword attached to:Chairside teaching and the perceptions of dental teachers in the UK

  5. 113_article_teaching_study.doc

    113_article_teaching_study.doc Chairside I PAGE 1 An evaluation of the perceptions of teaching and ... clinical dentistry could be evaluated. This article is the first of a series of three, which investigates ... has been given to the need for alignment of assessment with teaching5. Current views are that learning application/msword attached to:An evaluation of the perceptions of teaching and learning by members of the dental team at the chairside in one UK Dental School


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