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  1. Teaching how to use and communicate statistics to journalism students: Statistics in Journalism Practice and Education: a cross-Atlantic comparison of best practices and approaches

    introduce a specific module dedicated to statistics for journalists in a journalism UG degree. This has ... of Journalism Education who want to learn from and if possible replicate this experience across the ... counterpart in the UK. Indeed, the main accreditation body for journalism programmes in the USA, the ...

  2. Statistics Education Research Journal

    Vol 4, Issue 3 Sunday, 1 August, 2004 MSOR Connections Statistics Education Research Journal ... (SERJ) The editorial board of the Statistics Education Research Journal (SERJ) is pleased to announce the ... publication of the May 2004 issue of the Statistics Education Research Journal (SERJ, Vol. 3, No.1, May 2004). ...

  3. Reflectors, Converts and the Disengaged: A study of Undergraduate Architecture Students’ Perceptions of Undertaking Learning Journals

    understanding new information and forming new conceptions. Learning journals are used in a number of schools of ... at students’ perceptions of the use of learning journals within a school of architecture and sets out ... three possible attitudes towards journal keeping held by students: natural; convert and disengaged. ...

  4. Editorial: The future of printed journals – a utopian solution?

    Vol 1, Issue 3 Saturday, 1 May, 2004 Bioscience Education Ed Wood Our present system of journals ... demand that the copyright to the work be assigned to them, and they then publish the papers in journals ... For many journals there is also a ‘page charge’, and also charges for colour reproduction and ...

  5. Journal of Humanistic Mathematics

    issue of the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, a peer-reviewed online journal with a world-class ... doi:10.11120/msor.2011.11020043 msor.11.2o.pdf Journals STEM Maths, Stats and OR Mathematics Information management Knowledge ...


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