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  1. QMUL History Journal.pdf

    QMUL History Journal.pdf QMUL Undergraduate History Journal July 2014 2 Contents Section Page ... Foreword 3 Introduction 4 How we created the QMUL Undergraduate History Journal 4 How is the QMULUHJ ... the journal benefit committee members? 7 The future of the QMULUHJ 8 Editors 8 Contributors application/pdf attached to:QMUL Undergraduate History Journal

  2. Birmingham_Burns_Connections_Final_Report.pdf

    Birmingham_Burns_Connections_Final_Report.pdf 1 Developing skills for successful international ... experience‟: a study of two MBA programmes. International Journal of Management Education; 5(2): 3–14. 7. ... Language Journal; 88(3): 374–89. 11. Koutsantoni, D. (2006) The Leadership and Development Challenges of application/pdf attached to:Developing skills for successful international groupwork

  3. Liverpool_Hope_Welikala_Connection_Final_Report.pdf

    Liverpool_Hope_Welikala_Connection_Final_Report.pdf 1 Student experience in an interconnected and ... connections with further and HE institutions (HEIs) across the country. The insights of the project will be ... context, and script shape contexts for learning: A cross-case comparison of journal sharing. Linguistics application/pdf attached to:Student experience in an interconnected and diverse world (SEID)

  4. Leeds_Met_Caruana_Connections_Final_Report.pdf

    Leeds_Met_Caruana_Connections_Final_Report.pdf 1 Developing a sustainable model for fostering ... commitment. Key conceptual distinctions and connections  Community learning and public engagement as part of ... approach to learning that blends engagement and diversity, connects with social and natural contexts while application/pdf attached to:Developing a sustainable model for fostering inter-cultural understanding and building cross-cultural capability through learning in multicultural communities

  5. Liverpool_Sedghi_Connections_Final_Report.pdf

    Liverpool_Sedghi_Connections_Final_Report.pdf 1 Developing strategies and activities to improve ... reviewed journals. Key outcomes The overall report on the outcome of this research will be published in ... peer reviewed journals which will be beneficial to all staff and students at the University of application/pdf attached to:Developing strategies and activities to improve interactions between home and international students and to enhance teaching and learning


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