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  1. ELiSS0403Practice_paper07.pdf

    ELiSS0403Practice_paper07.pdf Microsoft Word- ELiSS Curtis FINAL with amends.docx Student as ... students. Following this selection process, each team met to discuss the project in more detail. As well as ... practices in schools: a collaborative action research network. International Journal of Inclusive Education. application/pdf attached to:Learning together and expanding horizons: reflections on a student-lecturer collaborative enquiry

  2. ELiSS0403A_Guest_paper.pdf

    ELiSS0403A_Guest_paper.pdf Microsoft Word- ELiSS Neary FINAL.doc Student as Producer Student as ... Journal for Academic Development. 16(2), 133–145. Boyer, E (1990). Scholarship reconsidered: priorities of ... declining cities? Will the law allow it? ABA Journal. Available at: application/pdf attached to:Student as producer: an institution of the common?

  3. ISN_Case_Study_Vol2.doc

    British universities. Issues in teaching and learning Each Case Study author describes in some detail how ... he or she set about delivering their course; again these deserve detailed study. Several general ... provide much detail on how topics – some specific, some more general – of interest to social scientists application/msword attached to:The Study of Islam within Social Science Curricula in UK Universities (Vol. 2)

  4. teaching_gender_and_sexuality_issues_in_politics_and_ir.pdf

    a detailed summary of the methodology behind the project. In Section Four we discuss the key findings of our ... as authors of foundational politics text books (such as Heywood, 2000) will often detail two main ... one scans the contents of journals such as Teaching Sociology, which regularly feature articles on application/pdf attached to:Teaching Gender & Sexuality Issues in Politics and IR

  5. Discourse Vol 9 No 2

    a consideration of the issues arising from the module. pp. 49-58 Spiritual Journey Board Game Aru Narayanasamy and ... as a connected whole. While the project has highlighted issues and challenges that emerge when giving ... its boundaries. This includes such issues as how communal relationships should be construed and how ...


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