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  1. July issue of ELiSS

    Vol 3, Issue 3 Friday, 1 July, 2011 ELiSS This issue of ELiSS is the most extensive to date ... teaching issues from visual sociology. We doi:10.11120/elss.2011.03030001 elss.3.3a.pdf Journals Social ... covering several different themes. We are pleased to provide two themes in one issue – a short selection on ...

  2. ELiSS0403Practice_paper07.pdf

    ELiSS0403Practice_paper07.pdf Microsoft Word- ELiSS Curtis FINAL with amends.docx Student as ... students. Following this selection process, each team met to discuss the project in more detail. As well as ... practices in schools: a collaborative action research network. International Journal of Inclusive Education. application/pdf attached to:Learning together and expanding horizons: reflections on a student-lecturer collaborative enquiry

  3. Editorial and contents for Vol 4, Issue 2

    doi:10.11120/ened.2009.04020001 ened.4.2a.pdf Journals STEM Engineering Employability Skills Subject-specific skills E-learning ... Vol 4, Issue 2 Tuesday, 1 December, 2009 Engineering Education Mark Russell Peter Bullen Learning ...

  4. Placement blogging: the benefits and limitations of online journaling

    Vol 1, Issue 3 Wednesday, 1 April, 2009 ELiSS Steven Curtis Barrie Axford Alasdair Blair Caroline ... Gibson Richard Huggins Philippa Sherrington The use of weblogs (blogs) as student learning journals has ... their use of online journaling. doi:10.11120/elss.2009.01030004 elss.1.3.d.pdf Journals Social Sciences ...

  5. Reflection on a personal journey: learning journals in use

    Vol 3, Issue 3 Friday, 1 July, 2011 ELiSS Jane Barnard The Dearing report (NCIHE, 1997) ... describes how a conceptual framework of models of reflection was used to analyse the journal entries of ... draw on theory and to be critical. doi:10.11120/elss.2011.03030011 elss.3.3k.pdf Journals Social ...


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