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  1. Engineering Subject Centre Guide: Learning and Teaching Theory for Engineering Academics

    Why should an engineering lecturer want to know about the theory of learning and teaching? This ... subject to support learning and teaching and ultimately benefit students. Seven topics are covered under ... the general headings of Concepts about learning and teaching, Learning styles, and Intended learning ...

  2. Online_learning_its_implications_for_deep_learning_assessment_and_retention.pdf

    materials in a manner that is reflective of a surface approach rather than engage in deep learning. Outcomes ... Online_learning_its_implications_for_deep_learning_assessment_and_retention.pdf Alasdair Blair ... implications for deep learning, assessment and retention’ Summary The aim of the project was to examine the use application/pdf attached to:Online learning: its implications for deep learning, assessment and retention

  3. learning-teaching-theory.pdf

    Learning and Teaching Theory  Engineering Subject Centre GuideLearning and Teaching Theory for  Engineering Academics  ... this can lead to some extremely frustrating conflicts, especially if nobody is aware of the  differences.  3 Deep and Surface Approaches to Learning ...  tool.  Table 1 ­ Approaches to teaching that enable learning to a wide range of learning  styles. Adapted from Felder and Silverman (1988) Learning and Teaching Theory application/pdf attached to:Engineering Subject Centre Guide: Learning and Teaching Theory for Engineering Academics

  4. Surface learning

    without the engagement required for deep learning. ...

  5. guide-learning-teaching.pdf

    approach to learning, they are not surface or deep learners (i.e. these are not inherent attributes of the ... different approaches to their teaching. 6 an engineering subject centre guide introduction to learning and ... Learning Journal paper Case, J. and Marshall, D. (2004) Between deep and surface: procedural approaches to application/pdf attached to:Introduction to learning and teaching: Engineering Subject Centre teaching guide


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