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  1. Teaching local history in the 21st century: opportunities for the future

    Wolverhampton. Andrew J.H. Jackson has recently suggested (‘Local history and local history education in the ... early twenty-first century’, The Local Historian 38:4 (2008): 266-73) that there has been a ‘decline in ... local history delivered by universities’ although the popularity of this type of history is undiminished ...

  2. Engaging_local_and_ethnic_minorities.pdf

    Engaging_local_and_ethnic_minorities.pdf Engaging with local ethnic and linguistic communities ... Conclusions and outlook 24 3 Preface This report outlines five examples of active engagement with local ethnic ... teaching and learning that include work placements, audio and video documentation of local community application/pdf attached to:Engaging with local ethnic and linguistic communities

  3. City Reflection / Street Text: using mobile networking technologies to facilitate reflective workshop practice on location

    image-making in unfamiliar locations, exploring the place of writing in the drifting space of the street, and ...

  4. Group Work: Making It Real, Making It Fair- a Local Planning Assignment in Partnership With a Local Authority

    A case study that reports on a new group assignment within the Town and Country Planning unit at Manchester Metropolitan University. This module was developed to enable students to explore a complex set of decisions. Students had already studied various c ...

  5. P20: Towards a Framework for Supporting GIS Competencies in Local Government

    This paper explores the implementation of Geographical Infromation Systems (GIS) in local ...


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