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  1. The Doctorate: international stories of the UK experience

    stories of knowledge and power (Brown, 2009) landed on my desk. I read it from cover to cover, enthralled ... 2011 References Brown, T. (Ed.) (2009) The Doctorate: stories of knowledge, power and becoming. ... This is a collection of stories written by non-UK students about their experience of studying for ...

  2. Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) final report 2009 PTES 2009 Report, October 2009 Page 17 of 42 Table 5. Students’ views on assessment and feedback ... descending order. 11 PTES 2009 Report, October 2009 Page 18 of 42 ... PTES 2009 Report, October 2009 Page 20 of 42 learning resources on their programmes were slightly ...

  3. Engineering Subject Centre Teaching Awards: Using story telling, drama, costume, poetry, music and performance art as part of engineering lectures

    This case study has been developed as part of the Engineering Subject Centre Teaching Awards 2009 ... and Sustainability from the professional institution. The tutor chose to introduce the use of story ... Study_nottingham_v2.doc Using story telling, drama, costume, poetry, music and performance art as part of engineering ...

  4. Textbooks in the Digital Age (TLC 2009)

    information. It will connect the student reader to more detailed research literature on the one hand, and the ... it’s in providing dynamic links to key journal articles with more detailed commentary, offering ... to make the past come alive in the stories they tell; as scholars who can incorporate the latest ...

  5. The Enhancement Academy 2009-10: An Evaluative Report

    synthesising the participants’ reflective accounts of the impact of EA 2009‐10, and by considering the results ... its design and activities during 2009‐2010, and summaries of the reports from the participating ... institutions themselves. Microsoft Word- EA2009_synthesis.docx         The Enhancement Academy 2009 ...


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