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  1. "Softening" computer forensics: Kneading, shaping and proving the curriculum

    This paper was presented at the ICS 2011 Conference entitled 'Enhancing Employability of ... forensics department: “I'm not sure how much detail you want from me about the position so I'll ... field. Indeed some employers require broader post graduation experience in general computing environments ...

  2. Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2011

    The most frequently selected motivation in PTES 2011 was ‘to improve my employment prospects’. Overall ... PTES 2009 PTES 2010 PTES 2011 To improve my employment prospects 50% 53% 56% To progress in my current ... motivation in PTES 2011 was ‘To improve my employment prospects’. The popularity of this item increased by 3% ...

  3. The Higher Education Academy's response to the Capita review for the period 2011-13

    2011-13. The HEA is pleased that its work to develop a clear vision based on the priorities of the sector ... employability, inter-culturalism and global citizenship, digital literacies and education for sustainable ... pedagogies: to explore and promote practices that contribute to inclusive and engaged student learning in ...

  4. A Guide to Understanding Learning Power with the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory- ELLI

    transformative. Employers seek self aware graduates with a sense of purpose who are equipped to be lifelong ... learners. ELLI helps us to engage with these issues that lie beyond the curriculum. Students can raise their ... are less thoughtful, and less likely to engage spontaneously in active speculation and exploratory ...

  5. Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) 2011

    years of its administration. 2011 has been particularly encouraging in relation to increased engagement ... – September 2011 15 1.2.4 Employment In this newly added item, 36.4% of respondents said that they were ... This document outlines the results of the 2011 Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES), ...


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