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  1. Analysis_of_the_Learning_and_Teaching_Strategies_2011-12-to-2013-14_in_Wales.pdf

    deliver the Welsh Government agenda encouraging greater employer engagement and more flexible provision in ... knowledge required by employers. Many strategies express these qualities in some detail as graduate ... are at the core of many strategies. Typical features include employer engagement with curriculum application/pdf attached to:Analysis of the Learning and Teaching Strategies 2011/12 to 2013/14 in Wales

  2. Gwella_2011_200212_1547.pdf

    4 5 D. Strategic liaison (HEFCW,HEAWales, JISC ... Gwella_2011_200212_1547.pdf The Gwella Programme The Gwella Programme Enhancing learning and ... teaching through technology in Welsh higher education 2008-2011 Contents Foreword 3 The background to application/pdf attached to:The Gwella Programme: Enhancing learning and teaching through technology in Welsh higher education 2008-2011

  3. Final_report_August_2011_ASB_SC.doc

    Final_report_August_2011_ASB_SC.doc Encouraging Muslim women into higher education through ... Contractor, University of Derby Funded by HEA Islamic Studies Network August 2011 � Table of Contents ... � 24Collaborative Partnerships � 25Pedagogy � 26Employability � 5 28The Modules � 29Islamic Legal Studies: application/msword attached to:Encouraging Muslim women into Higher Education through partnerships and collaborative pathways: Final report

  4. Collaborative-Practice-Report-Final-July2011.pdf

    Collaborative-Practice-Report-Final-July2011.pdf 1 Collaborative Art Practices in HE Mapping and ... examples on notable practices here]. In 5/26 modules a formal process is employed to help staff construct ... not in any particular order although they are all equally crucial to a comprehensible engagement in application/pdf attached to:Collaborative Art Practices in HE: Mapping and Developing Pedagogical Models

  5. MVH_UKCLE_islamic_studies_final_report_Aug_2011.doc

    MVH_UKCLE_islamic_studies_final_report_Aug_2011.doc Project Report The ‘Internationalisation’ of ... Law Degrees and Enhancement of Graduate Employability: European Dual Qualification Degrees in Law ... news across the world; these financial markets rely on a wide spectrum of financial instruments to application/msword attached to:Comparative Sharia Law: The development of teaching materials in the area of Sharia compliant financial instruments and intellectual property


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