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  1. A model for collaboration between HE and non-HE institutions in developing an Islamic Studies module (Qur'anic Arabic)

    A wealth of expertise in teaching Islamic Studies (IS) exists in non-HE Muslim colleges. This ... of Muslim colleges. A wealth of expertise in teaching Islamic Studies (IS) exists in non-HE Muslim ... entitled ‘Islamic Studies provision in UK Higher Education’ noted that most IS teaching is concentrated at ...

  2. Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2011

    participation will be circulated throughout the sector in the Autumn of 2011. The HEA is committed to the ... scale scores for teaching and learning, and staff. Disability This is the first year that detailed ... The core PTES 2011 questionnaire is included as an Appendix to this report, and a copy can be ...

  3. Products for the Micro-businesses: Islamic Microfinance Services

    This is a case study of 'Islamic Microfinance Services' (IMS) which operates in the South ... people with effective Islamic micro-financial services will help to reduce poverty. This is a case study ... themselves, seems to boost their self-esteem. Conclusion This case study shows that Islamic micro-finance is ...

  4. Countering Self-Interest and Exploitation: The Ethics of Islamic Economics

    case study is to show ways in which Islamic ethical theory can be contextualised in economic ... interest (riba) in the economy and the Cash for Honours scandal. The aim of the case study is to show ways ... attitude of self-interest and exploitation. Case study proforma Islamic Studies in Business Schools: case ...

  5. "Softening" computer forensics: Kneading, shaping and proving the curriculum

    than the immediate technical concerns. It was emphasised that each case is different and requires the ... broader ranging cases further planning is required once the immediate practical needs of the case have ... what is going on. The advent of the World Wide Web has facilitated research into such cases and we ...


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