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  1. The Study of Islam Within Social Science Curricula in UK Universities (Vol.1)

    Sociology, Anthropology and Politics (C-SAP) to the Higher Education Academy's (HEA) Islamic Studies ... bid to the Higher Education Funding Council to establish a national Islamic Studies Network (ISN). As ... University, as a Senior Associate, to commission up to ten Case Studies from social science colleagues ...

  2. Arabic Language and the study of Islam

    This case study works on the hypothesis that there is more Arabic language competence among ... Islamic Studies students than is currently apparent in the university sector and how this represents ...

  3. The Enhancing Series Case Studies: Enhancing Graduate Employability

    Employability is by no means a new issue for Higher Education (HE); the need for graduates to make ...

  4. Renal Transplant in Cats Contextualised Scenario

    The morality of using healthy cats as donors for renal transplant surgery is considered. This case ... is complicated by the circumstances of the recipient cat's owner. The ethical dilemma of ... carrying out transplant surgery in animals is explored from three perspectives- that of the transplant ...

  5. Bipolar Case Study

    Mental health three Case study Susie is 42 and married with two children. When she was a teenager she was ... Internationalisation Case Study Three A case study that compares the experience and treatment of ... a woman with bipolar disorder in England and the US. Internationalisation case study three (bipolar) ...


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