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  1. National_Survey_UK_HE_STEM_2013.pdf

    National_Survey_UK_HE_STEM_2013.pdf A national survey of UK HE STEM practitioners 2013 Melanie ... survey of UK HE STEM practitioners 3 August 2013 Executive summary This survey of science, technology, ... stated. A national survey of UK HE STEM practitioners 4 August 2013 The main finding within Section 3 (the application/pdf attached to:A National Survey of UK HE STEM Practitioners 2013

  2. News on Geographers into Teaching News

    of the subject in HE. However, with the skills that Geography graduates possess, they are highly ... plan.1.sp1k.pdf Journals STEM Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences- GEES Employability Qualifications ...

  3. The Bloodhound Effect: driving HE STEM subjects with a supersonic car and the World Land Speed Record

    Vol 1, Issue 1 Thursday, 12 April, 2012 Proceedings of the HEA STEM Learning and Teaching ... adventure can be expected to rise. doi: 10.11120/stem.hea.2012 stem.2012.2.r.pdf Journals STEM Engineering ... Conference (2012) Dr Ben Evans Mr Ian Galloway Dr Michael McCabe The Bloodhound SuperSonic Car (SSC) is ...

  4. PALATINEDevAward-BoyceTillman-2012.pdf

    no need of re-examination (Damasio 1994: 250). He goes on to detail the effects of this error on the ... PALATINEDevAward-BoyceTillman-2012.pdf Developing Doctorates with a Creative Element by Dr June ... June 2012 PaR for the course Issues involved in the development of practice- based doctorates in the application/pdf attached to:PaR for the Course: Issues involved in the development of practice-based doctorates in the performing arts

  5. pedagogy_for_employability_update_2012.pdf

    developing increasingly distinct and separate approaches to HE policy and funding, detailed in a number of ... pedagogy_for_employability_update_2012.pdf 1 Pedagogy for employability Authors: Ann Pegg, Jeff ... details about the authors and acknowledgements for all the support we have received in Section 7 starting application/pdf attached to:Pedagogy for employability (2012)


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