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    and Technology Sub-Committee I on higher education in the STEM subjects. ...

  2. Learning together and expanding horizons: reflections on a student-lecturer collaborative enquiry

    co-researcher 2 Introduction Collaborative enquiry is a growing area of practice in HE and forms part of ... a discussion of collaborative enquiry as an important and developing area of practice in HE and outline our ... performance. Our interest in developing a staff–student collaborative enquiry stemmed in part from a desire to ...

  3. PaR for the Course: Issues involved in the development of practice-based doctorates in the performing arts

    no need of re-examination (Damasio 1994: 250). He goes on to detail the effects of this error on the ... Taiwo Tiago de Faria Rohan Brown June 2012 PaR for the course Issues involved in the development of ... area of Practice as Research. b) To compare regulatory procedures and practices of a range of HE ...

  4. Count: Developing STEM skills in qualitative research methods teaching and learning

    In June 2012 HEA Social Sciences held its first learning and teaching summit, which focused on ... teaching research methods in the Social Sciences. In December 2012 we commissioned 11 projects that were ... project will look for examples of good practice in promoting STEM skills acquisition, “through the back ...

  5. A National Survey of UK HE STEM Practitioners 2013

    enhance their teaching practice. A national survey of UK HE STEM practitioners 2013 Melanie King, Claire ... 67 Q27: Desired resources for developing teaching practice 68 A national survey of UK HE STEM ... pedagogic research was also stated. A national survey of UK HE STEM practitioners 4 August 2013 The main ...


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