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  1. Academic and professional services in partnership literature review and overview of results: Leading the Student Experience

    setting. 2.1 Emergence of partnerships within HEIs Whitchurch (2013, p. 5) indicates there is growing ... expertise and working practices from across the institution (Whitchurch 2013). Collaborative projects may ... academic and professional spheres is that of ‘third space’. Whitchurch (2013) defines third space ...

  2. Considering teaching excellence in higher education: 2007- 2013

    requiring policy development Considering teaching excellence in higher education: 2007-2013 A literature ... Academy October, 2013 1 For an analysis of reward and recognition of teaching approaches to promotions ... see: Cashmore & Scott, 2009; Cashmore & Ramsden, 2009; Cashmore Cane & Cane, 2013. 2 Gibbs, ...

  3. Can pay, should pay? Comparing employer and student outcomes of paid and unpaid work opportunities

    A paper from the 2013 STEM Annual Conference. In a time of high youth unemployment, when relevant ... redistribute to lists, requires prior specific permission. © 2013 The Higher Education Academy A better ... world of work, centre/news-articles/2009/03/future-fit/ Retrieved 17th ...

  4. HEA STEM (Computing): An investigation into opportunities and employability in the discipline of Information Systems

    In January 2013 the Higher Education Academy (HEA) commissioned a study of the health of the ... research was carried between January and May 2013. Project Aims: The purpose of this project is to analyse ... Investigation into opportunities and employability in the discipline of Information Systems Prof. Frank Stowell ...

  5. Business and Management update- December 2013

    Management news- several issues under discussion   Online submission and marking #000000">An exchange ... a detailed rubric is well spent, and that there is no need to find storage space for masses of paper. However ... 'bubbles' (for detailed feedback), and general comments (for personal overall comment, with an audio ...


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