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  1. Business and Management update- December 2013

    @HEA_BusinessEdu, LinkedIn Welcome to the December update HEA Business and Management news- several issues under ... a wide-ranging picture of the extent to which this is currently in practice in Business and Management schools. ... time consuming in the beginning; might need a wider screen to mark (better on a LCD TV with Internet ...

  2. Business and Management update: May 2014

    further and higher education in the UK and have the opportunity to win £1000 funding. The awards recognise ... curricula in UK business schools might need to be scoped differently to provide new business leaders with ... Kölb and spreadsheets, living case studies, fuzzy logic, dancing in times of crisis- all leading to ...

  3. Business and Management update: April 2014

    Crane “Ethics education is alive and well in UK business schools. But it still has a long way to go. ... The stories presented here speak of considerable progress in the drive to integrate ethics into ... sector organisations. We are now looking forward to the next event in Reading in June. Other news ABS 3rd ...

  4. PRES_2013_UK_report.pdf

    the UK findings from the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) 2013. The survey took place in ... postgraduate researchers in the UK. For example UK, EU and non-EU students all have a similar propensity to ... Introduction to PRES 2013 7 1.1 The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 7 1.2 Statistical note 7 2. application/pdf attached to:Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) 2013

  5. National_Survey_UK_HE_STEM_2013.pdf

    a survey of STEM practitioners in UK higher education (HE) conducted in 2013. The aim of the study was to ... survey of UK HE STEM practitioners 7 August 2013 2 Overall results 2.1 Your profile In order to obtain ... A national survey of UK HE STEM practitioners 30 August 2013 Teachers in maths/computing were less likely to application/pdf attached to:A National Survey of UK HE STEM Practitioners 2013


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