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  1. OER_CS_Anna_Gruszczynska_Value_of_Reflective_Methods.pdf

    sharing teaching resources. This in turn informed their efforts aimed at releasing OER and the resources ... equip them with skills necessary for OER release and reuse, explore their understanding of open ... also addressed issues related to OER release, pedagogical frameworks, curriculum design and quality application/pdf attached to:The value of reflexive methods for enhancing pedagogical practice in the context of OER development

  2. OER_CS_Kate_Candy_The_Politics_in_Spires_blog.pdf

    OER_CS_Kate_Candy_The_Politics_in_Spires_blog.pdf 1 HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources case study: ... pedagogical development from OER practice The Politics in Spires blog: students as producers of OER Kate Candy ... Open Education Resources (OER) in relation to Politics in Spires (PiS), a collaborative blog between application/pdf attached to:The Politics in Spires blog: Students as Producers of OER

  3. OER Toolkit.pdf

    OERs for my institution? 15 Literature and resources review 16 HEA/JISC 16 Overview 16 Release, cascade ... for understanding OERs and their use. For more detailed answers please explore the other pages of this ... OER and IPR can be found in the top 10 section, but another great place to look for more detail on application/pdf attached to:Open Educational Resources and Open Education

  4. OER_CS_Sarah_Atkinson_Film_and_audio_visual_media.pdf

    3, which details the video OER that have been produced as a result of this project). To summarise, ... OER_CS_Sarah_Atkinson_Film_and_audio_visual_media.pdf 1 HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources case ... study: pedagogical development from OER practice Film and audio-visual media OER: the case of SP-ARK, the application/pdf attached to:Film and Audio Visual Media OER: The Case of SP-ARK, The Sally Potter Film Archive

  5. CloudWorks_for_OER_communities.doc

    CloudWorks_for_OER_communities.doc Using Cloudworks to support OER activities Using Cloudworks to ... support evidence-informed OER activities Panagiota Alevizou, Grainne Conole and Rebecca Galley Table of ... framework and focus 4 2. Methodology 5 3. Insights on the range and scope of OER-related activities 9 3.1 application/msword attached to:Using Cloudworks to support evidence-informed OER activities


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