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  1. Enhancing the Paramedic student learning experience through the use of innovative interactive virtual simulation at the University of Hertfordshire-The use of virtual clinical simulation as a teaching tool

    levels, learning from simulation is already well established at UH through the Hertfordshire Intensive ... A virtual simulation workshop took place at the University of Hertfordshire (Paramedic Science and ... Computer Science) in 2010 as part of small project funded by the UH Learning and Teaching Institute. The ...

  2. Business and Management update: May 2014

    Property (IP) ‘Enhancing student employability and IP awareness through the provision of online tools ... of online tools aimed at improving student and academic awareness of IP. This work has been ... will have a methodological blend of hard numbers, analysis through words and action cases of learning ...

  3. ps0069_designing_assessment_to_improve_physical_sciences_learning_march_2009.pdf

    Centre. Designing Assessment to Improve Physical Sciences Learning 1 Contents Intended outcomes of this ... to Improve Physical Sciences Learning 4 How important is expertise in the design of assessment? Just ... ps0069_designing_assessment_to_improve_physical_sciences_learning_march_2009.pdf Designing application/pdf attached to:Designing Assessment to Improve Physical Sciences Learning

  4. P18: The integration of 'Building Energy Simulation' tools within the Architectural design process

    Building energy simulation is an important tool for the study and development of energy efficient ... (from it's design formation, through to it's operation and movement ... buildings.  It is a tool that the Architectural and Construction Communities should employ to accurately ...

  5. More than just a game: Improving students' experience of learning programming through gamification

    papers, the use of gamification to encourage engagement with programming is a relatively new concept. This ... paper discusses how the NoobLab online learning environment for computer programming was enhanced using ... subject in HE. The prior knowledge of students transitioning into HE varies due to different ICT syllabi ...


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