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    Competency Framework for Student Work Based Learning   HEA staff ... university business engagement through staff secondments HEA ... accessed at: HEA (2014a) Professional Placements: the information on ...

  2. Crowdsourcing annotated concept maps to promote conceptualisation and transferability of scientific knowledge

    maps: hierarchical visual representation of knowledge Include both ‘nodes’ and linking phrases Linking ... phrases help to clarify relationships between nodes Figure from ... Can be used as an ‘advance organiser’ to support student learning Node Linking phrase Annotation ...

  3. A games informed e-learning resource to support clinical reasoning in dietetic education

    scenarios (Pete is one of these) Open Labyrinth (OLAB) The Nodes concept • VP Narratives as collections of ... Nodes • Each node is a choice in the narrative • A collection of connected nodes becomes a labyrinth MS ... – Counters that count ‘time’ spent by learner Prezi: A Simple Node • A node title • A single item of text ...

  4. The TOPs programme: Case study

    the history of the Movement.     It  was  not  until  1942  when  the  Olympic  Federation  launched  a  formal  international  ...

  5. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Resource List

    Partnership for Sustainability). Available to download from: Report of the ... sustainability or develop new modules with a sustainability focus Values ...


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