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    CCTV are being rendered ordinary and routine (Hope 2009); cybernetic metaphors of nodes, rhizomes, ...

  2. Using role and reference grammar to support computer-assisted assessment of free text answers

    cross and the parse trees are not simply made up of parents and children, but nodes can 5 The Higher ... Modifying nodes, such as PERIPHERY, cause problems with rebuilding the tree. This is because such nodes can ... a sub-rule whose root node in the parse tree has a modifying node, it is not possible to tell whether this is ...

  3. Promoting reflection on the digitalised cultures and spaces of schooling

    cybernetic metaphors (of nodes, rhizomes, networks) are being built into policy, practice, pedagogies, ...

  4. A framework for facilitating feedback best practices, based on a study of staff and students

    settings tree for each tool. Each node of the marking tree represents an instance of a tool, responsible ... process and has one node for each tool. It is usually transformed into a flat document before being ... responsible for grouping tools together and forms a vital part of the marking tree (i.e. all non-leaf nodes ...

  5. Historical Insights: Hollywood for Historians

    facilities, which made it possible to show films to a class on a regular basis. Mrs Miniver (1942) might be ... friction between government and the studios, Hollywood rose to the occasion and with Casablanca (1942 ...


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