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  1. Maths for Engineering and Science (Reference: M3)

    For many years concern has been expressed about the decline in the mathematical skills possessed by entrants to engineering and science degree programmes. Engineering and science have increasingly become less popular, and consequently, have struggled to f ...

  2. Redefining the Doctorate

    This paper explains why a national discussion on the nature of the doctorate in the UK is needed, and outlines the context within which such a discussion should take place. It outlines drivers of change in the UK doctorate, and discussed three main ways i ...

  3. Effective practice in the design of directed independent learning opportunities

    This study, commissioned by the HEA and the QAA focuses on directed independent learning practices in UK higher education. It investigates what stakeholders (including academic staff and students) have found to be the most effective practices in the incep ...

  4. The Meaningful Student Engagement project

    5 6 9 A number of institutions also concentrated on assessment as an ... [Accessed: 8 August 2012] References BIS (2011) Students at the Heart of the System. Higher ...

  5. Research and Scholarly activity resource- guidance for staff delivering HE in FE

    various education research communities. The Methods for Synthesis (MRS) programme is one of five nodes of ...


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