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  1. 1GEES_carbon_footprint_fieldwork_guidance_notes_tutors.doc

    future. � 3.0 Embedding into learning and teaching strategies The carbon footprint calculator is envisaged ... Goodall, C. (2007). How to live a low-carbon life: The individual’s guide to stopping climate ... 1GEES_carbon_footprint_fieldwork_guidance_notes_tutors.doc End result shown in CO2 Assessing the application/msword attached to:Carbon Footprint calculator for fieldwork: guidance notes for tutors

  2. OER_CS_Marianne_Talbot_OER_and_public_engagement.pdf

    future is OPEN! OER and public engagement: a case study by Marianne Talbot is licensed under a Creative ... OER_CS_Marianne_Talbot_OER_and_public_engagement.pdf 1 HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources case ... study: pedagogical development from OER practice OER and public engagement: a case study Marianne Talbot application/pdf attached to:OER and Public Engagement: A Case Study

  3. OER_supported_Research_Skills_Development.pdf

    methods@manchester resources show that awareness of OER is low, however, and the provision of open research methods ... awareness of the existence of OER or the OER movement among staff and PGR students at Manchester is low but ... OER_supported_Research_Skills_Development.pdf HEA/JISC Open Educational 1 HEA/JISC Open Educational application/pdf attached to:OER to support researcher development

  4. OER_Reuse.pdf

    describe OER engagement on three levels: low, middle and high. This activity was designed to shed some ... for their study. Low-cost enhancement In this quadrant, OER are embedded in the curriculum design at ... engagement: Low (Dabbling/Piecemeal) A person starts searching for OER but the ways in which they go about application/pdf attached to:Examples and issues in OER use and reuse

  5. OER Toolkit.pdf

    OER Dynamic Search Engine – a wiki page of OER sites with accompanied search engine (powered by Google ... custom search engine – a meta-search engine incorporating many different OER repositories (uses Google ... OER Toolkit.pdf Open Educational Resources and Open Education Dr David Mossley November 2013 application/pdf attached to:Open Educational Resources and Open Education


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