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  1. e-learning, Benchmarking and Pathfinder Programme

    embedding e-learning. The Pathfinder programme, by contrast, was specifically designed to help selected ... of, e-learning development clearly with the individual institution. ... The benchmarking exercise was intended to help institutions establish where they were in regard to ...

  2. web0440_elearning_benchmarking_pilot_strathclyde.doc

    decentralised culture. Consequently, Strathclyde’s objective in benchmarking its ‘e-learning’ is to monitor ... web0440_elearning_benchmarking_pilot_strathclyde.doc University of Strathclyde Benchmarking at the ... e-learning involves applying a variety of technologies and methodologies across a wide range of disciplines application/msword attached to:Benchmarking at the University of Strathclyde

  3. Challenges and Realisations from the Higher Education Academy/JISC Benchmarking and Pathfinder Programme

    Academy’s e-Learning Benchmarking and Pathfinder Programme, calling on the authors' experience of ...

  4. Benchmarking at the University of Strathclyde

    Like many larger HE institutions the University of Strathclyde's approach to e-learning ...

  5. Benchmarking_FINAL.pdf

    e-learning benchmarking + pathfinder programme 2005–08 /// an overview Undertaking our pathfinder project has ... bEncHmArking + PATHfindEr ProgrAmmE 1 over the three years 2005 to 2008, a large-scale e-learning development ... E-LEARNING Implementation of the programme started with the pilot phase of the benchmarking exercise, which application/pdf attached to:e-learning, Benchmarking and Pathfinder Programme


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