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  1. ELTE Helpsheet 1- presenting and speaking via videoconferencing

    international videoconferencing seminar series run by SWAP in 2005 as part of an e-learning project funded ... an explicit recognition of the learning involved, which has informed this Sheet. A number of ...

  2. Flexible learning projects

    information on this project and related resources see Flexible pedagogies. Flexible learning guides Our ... The HEA undertakes a number of research projects and other activities to inform and support the ... implementation of flexible learning.These activities are designed to further knowledge and debate around how and ...

  3. Online learning projects

    We run several projects in the area of online, or technology enhanced, learning. We publish ... International collaboration projects – external evaluation- Student views on learning methods and open ... This project funds the development of online interactive resources that relate specifically to disciplinary ...

  4. Active and experiential learning in the Social Sciences: funded projects

    pleased to announce the details of the successful projects. Engaged teaching and learning within the ... project investigates current practices in engaged teaching and learning among UK higher education teachers ... applies in this domain of teaching as well.  The project focuses on the inclusion of engaged learning ...

  5. Teaching research methods in the Social Sciences: funded projects

    Manchester ( This project will create introductory level teaching and learning materials based on the UK-wide ... evidence. This project addresses several deficiencies in the provision of teaching and learning materials.  ... data. Psephology and pedagogy: data analysis in British politics learning and teaching Project lead: ...


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