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  1. ssg_pbl_casestudies.pdf

    ssg_pbl_casestudies.pdf Microsoft Word- ssg_pbl_casestudies2.doc LEARNING AND TEACHING GUIDES ... Problem Based Learning in Sport, Leisure and Social Sciences Jon Dart Leeds Trinity & All Saints This ... series of Learning and Teaching Guides has been commissioned and funded by the Higher Education Academy application/pdf attached to:Learning and Teaching Guides: Problem Based Learning in Sport, Leisure and Social Sciences

  2. Case_Study_2010_Applying_Economic_Thresholds.pdf

    acquire and internalize key economic principles and enhance the development of student learning skills. ... Case_Study_2010_Applying_Economic_Thresholds.pdf Case Study Applying Economics Threshold Concepts ... classroom application can form an important tool in promoting student learning. Threshold concepts aim to application/pdf attached to:Applying Economics Threshold Concepts

  3. Akhurst_CaseStudy_I.doc

    Akhurst_CaseStudy_I.doc Individual Differences in Psychology Students Psychology R&T Case ... a couple of years and may be compared with other data collected internationally. I would be willing to send ... welcome. References Audin, K., Davy, J. & Barkham, M. (2003).  University Quality of Life and Learning application/msword attached to:Blending Research & Teaching in the Classroom Students Researching Students' Quality of Life

  4. A case-study approach to teaching the physiology of adaptation to altitude

    introduced as this is known to encourage active learning, which enables students to learn more effectively. ... Online Learning Gains (SALG) instrument to investigate students’ perceptions of their learning gains. ...

  5. TL2_write_casestudy_hm.pdf

    TL2_write_casestudy_hm.pdf Slide 1 Writing up your case study Dr Helen May 26 February 2013 Case ... institution chose to participate. Aspect(s) of the student learning experience the initiative sought to ... whom. • i.e. what you did. Resources • Learning resources, materials or websites generated. Impact • Key application/pdf attached to:Writing Up Your Case Study


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