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    term practical use, as much is forgotten within a relatively short period of time. Research has ... provides no indication of level. A number of researchers have tried to categorise the different levels of ... procurement methods on the economics of building. This is a research topic of the lecturer running the module, ...

  2. Science Learning and Teaching Conference Proceedings 2005

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  3. Call For Proposals Maths, Stats & OR Network Mini-Projects 2005

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  4. Mar 2005: PASS-IT ON

    subjects and levels. Mar 2005: PASS-IT ON maths caa series: March 2005 1 PASS-IT ON by H S Ashton (email: ... al [4]. The major research findings from phase 1 of the project have been communicated by Ashton et ... Intermediate 1/2 Mathematics were prepared with the latter providing another maths caa series: March 2005 ...

  5. Time Allocations and Reward Structures for U.S. Academic Economists from 1995-2005: Evidence from Three National Surveys

    A presentation featured at the Day Two Session of  the Fifth International Developments in Economics Education (DEE) Conference 2009. ...


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