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  1. Academics' experiences and conceptions of research and teaching: developing the relationship between these activities to enhance student learning within different disciplines and institutions

    Given the complex and contradictory policy situation surrounding research and teaching this ... different disciplinary areas have about 'research' and 'teaching', the relationship ... their conceptions of 'research', 'teaching' and the relationships between them. ...

  2. Considering teaching excellence in higher education: 2007- 2013

    This research review explores both the research and the grey literature on university teaching ... seeking to demonstrate their excellence in teaching, as well as research. Internationally the term ... has initiated a programme of research to develop a shared understanding of what constitutes teaching ...

  3. Analysis of the Learning and Teaching Strategies 2011/12 to 2013/14 in Wales

    feedback__________________________________________________ 26 4.6 Linking research and teaching_______________________________________________ 27 4.7 Welsh ... enhancing learning and teaching through technology; assessment and feedback; research and teaching linkages; ... employability, study skills development, and research-led learning. Research-teaching linkages continue to be ...

  4. Is teaching good for research productivity?

    This case study outlines one Economics lecturer's views on the research-teaching nexus. Case ... study Is teaching good for research productivity? Once during a job interview I got one of the questions ... consider that teaching is a hindrance for research?” Certainly it is a tricky question, and probably you ...

  5. Engagement through partnership: students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education

    research and inquiry 41 Scholarship of teaching and learning 46 Curriculum design and pedagogic consultancy ... learning and teaching, including through active learning; subject-based research and inquiry; scholarship ... teaching and research, and retention and success. Interest in the idea has proliferated in policy and ...


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