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  1. Linking research and teaching in Wales (Welsh version)

    This volume demonstrates the wide range of innovations currently practiced in Wales to strengthen the links between research and teaching through 29 case studies. Cysylltu ymchwil ac addysgu yng Nghymru Golygwyd gan Simon K. Haslett Ar ran Set Gweithredu’ ...

  2. The Study of Islam within Social Science Curricula in UK Universities (Vol. 2)

    As part of the work of the ISN Dr Todd appointed Dr Max Farrar, Emeritus Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University, as a Senior Associate, to commission up to ten Case Studies from social science colleagues teaching on the topic of Islam within UK Univer ...

  3. Building student engagement and belonging in higher education at a time of change: a summary of findings and recommendations from the What works? Student Retention & Success programme

    The 'What Works?' programme sought to analyse and evaluate best practice skills to ensure high student retention in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), with a particular focus on students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Twenty two HEIs collabo ...

  4. Extending conceptualisations of the diversity and value of extra curricular activities: a cultural capital approach to graduate outcomes

    Final report from December 2009 focused on the value of extra curricular activities in higher education. Very little research has directly addressed the question of what constitutes extra-curricular activities (ECA), the extent to which students engage in ...

  5. A literature review of the use of Web 2.0 tools in Higher Education

    This review focuses on the use of Web 2.0 tools in Higher Education. It provides a synthesis of the research literature in the field and a series of illustrative examples of how these tools are being used in learning and teaching. This review focues on th ...


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