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  1. NTFS 2013 data report

    and moderation__________________________________________________ 3 Overview of the nominations to NTFS ... 2013_______________________________________ 4 Equal opportunities data for nominees to NTFS 2013______________________________ ... classification________________________________________________________ 8 Disciplines of nominees to NTFS 2013_________________________________________ 9 Overview of the ...

  2. NTFS review 2012: report on findings

    Caroline Stainton. NTFS review 2012: report on findings December 2012 Contents ... lack of systematic utilisation of NTFs’ expertise______________________ 21 2.2.5. Subject profile of ... operation_______________________________ 33 4.3. Making more co-ordinated use of NTFs__________________________________ 36 4.4. Promoting ...

  3. NTFS 2013 data report

    About the author Dr Rosa Spencer Resource NTFS 2013 data report ...

  4. PASS and TESTA: NTFS Group Projects in Programme-Based Assessment

    A poster session from the HEA Annual Conference 2010. A poster outlining two NTSF projects on programme-based assessment. ...

  5. NTFS review 2012: report on findings

    The 2012 review of the National Teaching Fellowship awards scheme aimed to: demonstrate the impact of the scheme critically review the shape and operation of the scheme to make it fit for purpose ensure the scheme affords maximum benefit to the sector in ...


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