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  1. NTFS 2012 data report

    This report draws together information on the 2012 round of the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme, an annual award scheme to recognise and reward individuals’ teaching and learning excellence. The report includes: data on the nominations to the scheme d ...

  2. NTFS review 2012: report on findings

    The 2012 review of the National Teaching Fellowship awards scheme aimed to: demonstrate the impact of the scheme critically review the shape and operation of the scheme to make it fit for purpose ensure the scheme affords maximum benefit to the sector in ...

  3. PASS and TESTA: NTFS Group Projects in Programme-Based Assessment

    A poster session from the HEA Annual Conference 2010. A poster outlining two NTSF projects on programme-based assessment. /resources/detail/events/annualconference/2010/Poster_presentations/PASS_and_TESTA About the author Peter Hartley Resource Download ...

  4. Doctoral Learning Journeys

    This National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) project set out to investigate how doctoral ...

  5. NTFS 2012 data report

    the Scheme The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) is an annual competition to recognise and ... Applying for a National Teaching Fellowship At the beginning of each round, a call for ... for excellence. Nominations are received electronically by the HEA and they are processed by the NTFS ...


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