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  1. Creative analysis of NSS data and collaborative research to inform good practice in assessment feedback

    ( assessment). However to date it has been somewhat unclear as to how this translates into local ... Hounsell, D., Hounsell, J., Litjens, J & McCune V. (2005) ‘Enhancing Guidance and Feedback to ... sought to identify student and academic staff perspectives as to what constitutes effective assessment ...

  2. Resources, references and tools for assessment in the biosciences Assessment in the earth sciences, environmental sciences and environmental studies, produced by ... themes. Marking criteria and assessment methods. This ... JISC TechDis Accessibility Essentials Guides bring together advice on making Word, pdf and ...

  3. Assessing the impact of learning and teaching strategies in Wales: A guide for institutions

    6 24 Assessing the impact of learning and teaching strategies in Wales Annex 4 Evaluating impact ... and teaching strategies. Assessing the impact of learning and teaching strategies in Wales A guide for ... institutions Haydn Blackey Sue Clayton Colleen Connor Helena Lim 2 Assessing the impact of learning and ...

  4. Assessment and Computer Assisted Assessment P e d a g o g i c t h e m e- As s e s s m e n t The Physical Sciences Centre is involved in ... F AS T: I m p r o v i n g t h e E f f e c t i v e n e s s o f F o r m a t i v e As s e s s m en ... SUBJECT CENTRE LEAGACY RESOURCE An assessment toolkit for the physical sciences. What is ...

  5. Resource List for Assessment for Learning

    resources which is designed to complement the Assessment for Learning event. By no means is it intended to ... be a comprehensive listing of assessment works, but rather a selection of resources and useful ... pointers into the wider assessment literature. ...


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