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Suggested Pages

  1. Report 18: Staying the Course: The Experiences of Disabled Students of English and Creative Writing

    This report summarises the findings of the first ever survey of disabled students registered on English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing courses in the UK Higher Education system and is illustrated throughout by vivid quotations in the st ...

  2. The Net Generation and Digital Natives- Implications for Higher Education

    The research involved collecting data from almost 50 students in a range of social science departments across three universities. Participants completed logs on a monthly basis (some for more than a year), filled out biographic questionnaires, and a numbe ...

  3. Supporting Good Practice in Assessment in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research

    A series of guides and briefings on supporting good practice in assessment in Mathematics, Statistics and OR. The aim has been to convey many of the ideas therein but to interpret and add to them in such a way as to bring out their relevance and usefulnes ...

  4. The First-Year experience literature review: executive summary

    The first-year experience in higher education has been the topic of research and comment in English-language academic publications in the UK and worldwide for more than forty years. The expansion of higher education has led to an increased requirement to ...

  5. Introduction to Pedagogic research- a tool kit for engineering academics

    Over a two year period the engCETL and the Engineering Subject Centre collaborated to develop a programme of support for engineering academics in the area of pedagogic research. Using expertise within the two Centres, we ran a number of successful two day ...


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