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  1. Teaching International Students (TIS): an engineering perspective with a focus on group and project-based work

    The Engineering Subject Centre undertook a research project as part of the Teaching International ... Students project on international students' engagement in group- and project-based teaching. The ... International Students (TIS) An engineering perspective with a focus on group and project-based work Richard ...

  2. A project-based learning design course: experience, developments and assessment

    would enthuse the students more. The 2007-08 project was entitled ‘greening our homes’. The design ... project-based learning. In groups of five, students undertook a two-term design project. They were given ... caravans. This paper describes the course and how it was developed. Pedagogy article Design 2 v1 A project ...

  3. Developing and enhancing undergraduate final-year projects and dissertations

    This book, which is the result of a National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) project undertaken ... projects and dissertations A National Teaching Fellowship Scheme project publication Mick Healey, Laura ... final-year projects and dissertations 8 2. Student as producer and the key dimensions of final-year projects ...

  4. More Maths Grads Project – the HE Curriculum theme

    Neil Challis Abstract One of the quieter aspects of the More Maths Grads project ... ( to date is the so-called HE Curriculum theme. Actually this is a slight misnomer. The theme is ... implications are of all that. The rationale is this: the project workers are working hard, both with potential ...

  5. The PiSA (Plagiarism in Statistics Assessment) project

    Operational Research (MSOR) disciplines it occurs most frequently in “take-home” assignments, whether group or ... individual, where the main form is collusion or copying and in third year projects, where students can use the ...


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