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  1. Learner Use of Online Educational Resources for Learning (LUOERL): Final report

    This is the final report of the project Learner Use of Online Educational Resources for Learning ... not in formal education, use online resources to aid their learning experiences and the factors which ... influence the selection of resources”. It was anticipated that “collectively this work will enable ...

  2. A diagrammatic language to build and share STEM teaching narratives

    Compendium video nodes José Luis Fernández VindelTina Wilson STEM 2012 viernes 13 de abril de 12 Methodology ...

  3. The pedagogy of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): the UK view

    summarise some of the key publications and resources to emerge from, and in relation to, MOOC activity, as ... anything other than an active agent in these experiments: [MOOCs can] be seen as resources by which ...

  4. Engaged learning in MOOCs: a study using the UK Engagement Survey

    resources, commenting on drafts, contributing to the analysis or taking time to speak with us about the ... universities continue to invest resources in their development. This is in a context of a significant fall in ... Since going to press, results of the second year pilot are now available: ...

  5. Sharing mathematics support resources – the mathcentre Community Project

    into an on-line mathematics support centre with over 1000 individual resources consisting of workbooks, ... OR Mathematics Taxonomy: HEAV Learning Learning resources Digital learning resources Online learning ... resources Open educational resources ...


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