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  1. Sustainable Tourism Management in an internationalised learning environment

    available from ... learning environment Richard Bell and Simon Ireland, University of Salford Edited by Richard Atfield and ... 7 Biography RICHARD BELL is a lecturer in international marketing and services management at the University of ...

  2. Catriona Cunningham

    Catriona Cunningham joined the HEA in 2011 to work as an Academic Development Officer in the Arts ... and Humanities cluster. Catriona specialises in: Teaching modern foreign languages and literature in ... University of the West of Scotland. Catriona holds a PhD from the University of Glasgow and is a Fellow of ...

  3. Teaching social legacy management through a 'stepped case study' approach Chapter 1 and Introduction Why should Business schools care about sustainability? Paul M. ... resources, which has environmental, economic, and social consequences. Context and purpose The objective of ... Management in an internationalised learning environment Richard Bell, Simon Ireland, University of Salford ...

  4. The pedagogy of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): the UK view

    snapshots Portraits of five current UK MOOCs are provided, with an emphasis on looking at the detail of ... detail issues relating to ‘learner experience’, at least insofar as it is possible to separate these from ... pedagogy debate; • a series of ‘snapshots’ of current UK MOOCs, with an emphasis on looking at the detail ...

  5. Learner-teacher interaction (LTI): engaging and supporting students in achieving self-regulated learning

    students, 4 government, institutions and the lay public alike (Steinaker and Bell 1979; Bloom et al. 1964; ... study’s purpose. The rationale for this and data collection methods are described below in further detail ... traditional ethnographic methods fail to recover the details of the situation/phenomenon under study (Longman ...


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