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  1. The HEPI-HEA Student Academic Experience Survey 2014

    Institute (HEPI) since 2006; this year it’s been done in partnership with the HEA. It investigates the ... The survey was conducted in February and March 2014, with respondents drawn from YouthSight’s ‘Student ... This survey continues a series of similar surveys conducted for the Higher Education Policy ...

  2. Student Academic Experience Survey 2014 published today by HEA and HEPI

    Wednesday, 21 May, 2014 Findings from the Student Academic Experience Survey 2014 commissioned by ... Student Academic Experience Survey 2014 was undertaken by YouthSight between 24 February and 26 March ... they are representative. Student Academic Experience Survey 2014 ...

  3. HEA_HEPI_Report_WEB.pdf

    HEA_HEPI_Report_WEB.pdf 1 The HEPI–HEA Student Academic Experience Survey 2014 Ioannis ... education, and this survey – a joint collaboration between the HEA and HEPI – helps us to do that. There is ... survey on behalf of HEPI and the HEA. We are also grateful for the helpful comments made on earlier application/pdf attached to:The HEPI-HEA Student Academic Experience Survey 2014

  4. Marketing, Finance & Accounting and Public Relations Update: June 2014

    2014; Ideas in assessment and feedback; HEA/HEPI 2014 report on the student experience; upcoming events. ... report on the student experience 2014 points to areas for improvement The HEA/HEPI (Higher Education ... STEM blog's blog Lynn Vos; @HEA_MarketingEd Overview of June 2014 ...

  5. Business and Management update: June 2014

    HEA-sponsored events We have been delighted to provide sponsorship to IEEC2014 and BAM2014 this year and hope ... @HEA_BusinessEdu, HEA Business and Management webpage LinkedIn Skype: richard.atfield-hea Remember to read the other ... June 2014 update News Reshaping Business and Management Studies The Chartered Management Institute, in ...


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