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  1. Roe workshop details.pdf

    Roe workshop details.pdf The University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities: A Workshop. ... resources on the University of Roehampton’s campus in a ‘campus project’ research module. This workshop is ... University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities’ is a successful HEA-funded project in which BA application/pdf attached to:The university campus as a learning resource: a workshop

  2. Written Feedback for Students: too much, too detailed or too incomprehensible to be effective?

    Vol 7 Monday, 1 May, 2006 Bioscience Education Chris Glover Evelyn Brown A three year research ... presented. Whilst initial findings from the research outline similarities and differences in perceptions of ... effectiveness of written feedback at both universities. The paper presents a more detailed analysis specifically ...

  3. Welsh Medium Research Methods Resources for the Social Sciences

    y Gwyddorau Cymdeithasol' / Social Science Research Methods Resources in Welsh. Following on from a brief ... development of the project, details the resources developed and the feedback received during the project, ... concludes by outlining further plans for the development of the resources. ...

  4. Students’ participation in the development of an early years resource and research room

    a shared pedagogical space in the form of an Early Childhood Resource and Research Room by consulting and ... the inception and value of Early Childhood Resource and Research Room in our curriculum. Kathy Wright, ... Early Childhood Resource and Research Room. I would like to document continued participation by students ...

  5. resource-list-research-teaching-linkages.pdf

    resource-list-research-teaching-linkages.pdf Getting Started in Educational Research in the ... Sciences Resource List for Research-Teaching Linkages The Centre for Bioscience has composed a select list ... of resources which is designed to complement the Research-Teaching Linkages event. By no means is it application/pdf attached to:Resource List for Research-Teaching Linkages


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