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  1. Bloodhound@University- high speed STEM for HE

    A presentation from the STEM Annual Conference 2014. The BloodhoundSSC Project (Super Sonic Car) ... a platform to stimulate STEM engagement across the educational age range from primary to university level. ... BloodhoundSSC has adopted a patent-free Open Educational Resources (OER) approach in which a significant ...

  2. Roe workshop details.pdf

    Roe workshop details.pdf The University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities: A Workshop. ... University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities’ is a successful HEA-funded project in which BA ... resources on the University of Roehampton’s campus in a ‘campus project’ research module. This workshop is application/pdf attached to:The university campus as a learning resource: a workshop

  3. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

    With ten years of innovative research and policy and a team of dedicated experts, the HEA is ... Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focus. As an authority on curriculum design, innovative ... pedagogies and staff and student transitions, we take a holistic approach to improving STEM teaching and ...

  4. web0417_team_teaching_engaging_diverse_student_groups_in_he.doc

    through team teaching does have additional resource costs associated with it, these need to be evaluated ... web0417_team_teaching_engaging_diverse_student_groups_in_he.doc About the Author(s) The Higher ... Academy Annual Conference July 2006 – Session papers Team Teaching: engaging diverse student groups in application/msword attached to:Team Teaching: engaging diverse student groups in higher education.

  5. Working with Students in Teams or Groups

    SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE, A guide to advice and resources on working with students on teams ...


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