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  1. Languages_and_entrepreneurship.pdf

    Languages_and_entrepreneurship.pdf /DQJXDJHV�DQG�HQWUHSUHQHXUVKLS�� $�JXLGH�IRU�VWXGHQWV ... Academy-University Council of Modern Languages position statement published in March 2012 articulated the importance ... disciplines who used their experience abroad or built on their intercultural skills to identify business application/pdf attached to:Languages and Entrepreneurship: A Guide for Students.

  2. LANGUAGES_NSS_Discipline_Report_Final.pdf

    LANGUAGES_NSS_Discipline_Report_Final.pdf Microsoft Word- LANGUAGES_NSS_Discipline_Report_Final NSS ... Discipline Report – Languages 2 Contents ... items_____________________________________________________ 46 NSS Discipline Report – Languages 3 Foreword As part of its commitment to teaching quality application/pdf attached to:NSS Report for Languages

  3. Languages and Entrepreneurship: A Guide for Students.

    opportunity to identify and start up a new business. However, too few students are aware of entrepreneurship ... languages, travel and understand other cultures have a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. It encourages ...

  4. Developing international discipline-specific academic literacies: a language awareness-raising approach

    HEA's Internationalisation Change Programme. All learning is language learning; for success in assessment and in the global ... their subject. This project requires students, academic staff and language development (including EAP) ... staff to work together to develop and evaluate a suite of group work-based subject-specific language ...

  5. ‘To see us as others see us’ – embedding Modern Languages across the disciplines

    I have always found Modern Languages to be the most exciting discipline to work within. Interdisciplinary ... Event in Cardiff on 4th December on ‘Embedding Modern Languages in the Curriculum’ reminded me why ... two main aims: firstly, to explore the growing phenomenon of Institution Wide Language Provision ...


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