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  1. NSS Report for Biological Sciences

    resources have the weakest impact. NSS Discipline Report – Biological Sciences 12 2.5 Range of institutional ... population in this subject. NSS Discipline Report – Biological Sciences 19 2.11 Comparison with selected ... with STEM combined______________________________________ 49 NSS Discipline Report – Biological Sciences ...

  2. Perspectives from the UK and the US on integrating mathematics into the teaching and learning of the biological sciences in higher education

    working in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. This is particularly the ... quantitative reasoning and mathematical and statistical skills within the biological sciences. Unfortunately, ... graduates from degrees in the biological sciences are often not proficient in these quantitative subjects. ...

  3. A Dynamic Laboratory Techniques Manual for Physical and Biological Sciences

    Biological Science courses plus examples of use. ... The laboratory based skills of incoming first-year undergraduates in the sciences in the UK is ... incorporates a list of core practical techniques needed in each discipline in year one of degree Physical and ...

  4. Creative Arts meet Biology: a collaborative project between Arts and Biosciences

    resources in the form of computer-generated animations (CGA) of biological and biomedical processes. These ... higher education. ISBN 978-1-907207-45-7 PowerPoint Presentation Creative Arts meet Biology ... bring-science-to-life/2011 ...

  5. Analyses in Biology: an analytical alternative to traditional research projects

    led teaching. In the School of Biological Sciences this is ultimately borne out in the final year ... resource-consuming laboratory or field-based research project, but which maintained a strong research led approach to ... teaching. This resulted in the development of a new Year 3 module titled 'Analyses in Biology'. ...


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