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  1. Employability Skills for Planners

    Employers Mick McLoughlin MRTPI August 2012 August 2012 Dec 2011 Employability Skills for Planners Contents ... Spring 2012 to investigate the current requirements of planning employers as far as the skills, ... A Scoping Report into the Changing Requirements of Planning Employers Traditional employers of ...

  2. Employer-endorsed employability assessment: an assignment delivered in an operational research course to second year mathematics students

    to discuss what OR employers really want from graduates (Currie 2012) and took part in the HESTEM ... References Bradshaw, N. et al. (2012a) Making Maths Graduates More Employable: an enhanced role for tutors. ... Courses. MSOR Connections 9 (3) 38-41. Currie, C. (2012) Improving the Employability of OR Graduates. [pdf] ...

  3. Pedagogy for employability (2012)

    and creative. This revised edition of Pedagogy for employability provides a resource for teaching ... from reviewing the vast range of resources is that looking at the employment ‘gains’ for diverse groups ... with the employability enhancement theme. Over time a library of resources was developed and outcomes ...

  4. UWIC Academy of Athletics: A Case Study on Addressing Employability within the Total Student Experience

    article, the academy examined will be that of Athletics. ...

  5. Employability, Engagement and Learning: The Pedagogical and Practical Value of Formal Work Placements.

    Employability’, empirically grounded in a complex mixture of individual, academic, and socio-political factors. ... A presentation from the HEA Annual Conference, 2012. Building on the findings of a study focusing ...


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