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  1. Stuart_Hepplestone.doc

    Stuart_Hepplestone.doc Feedback is integral to effective and efficient teaching and learning (Gibbs ... student engagement with useful feedback Stuart Hepplestone, Sheffield Hallam University Introduction ... Accessed 10/06/2008 at: application/msword attached to:Masking marks: Encouraging student engagement with useful feedback

  2. 1UKearth_sciences_recruitment_survey2008.pdf

    1UKearth_sciences_recruitment_survey2008.pdf Microsoft Word- UK Earth Sciences Recruitment ... Strategies Survey 2008 Report for Web 1    UK Earth Sciences Recruitment / Outreach Strategies Survey 2008 ...  department and the department interacting with schools. A full list of responses is provided below:  • Combination of University Open days, with pre‐information and follow up through a Departmental web‐ site and electornic newsletter   • Direct mailing to schools and ucas lists   • Dynamic newsletter, personal note to all applicants, disseminating details application/pdf attached to:UK Earth Science Recruitment/Outreach Strategies Survey Report

  3. 1mini_UKearth_sciences_recruitment_survey2008.pdf

    1mini_UKearth_sciences_recruitment_survey2008.pdf Microsoft Word- UK Earth Sciences Outreach Case ... Studies UK Earth Sciences Recruitment / Outreach Strategies Survey 2008  Mini Case Studies  ... Dr Helen King, Assistant Earth Science Senior Advisor, GEES Subject Centre    As the 2008 Survey application/pdf attached to:UK Earth Science Recruitment/Outreach Strategies Survey Report: mini-case studies

  4. tg_shepard_byzantium_2008xxxx.pdf

    tg_shepard_byzantium_2008xxxx.pdf Amended BYZANTIUM Tutor's Guide to: Teaching Byzantium HE ... to studying Byzantium: the limited number of coherent, readable narratives of events written by the ... Constantinople, to be compared with Anna Comnena's set-piece of the same events (Gesta Francorum, ed. and tr. application/pdf attached to:Teaching Byzantium

  5. CETLMSOR2008_Proceedings.pdf

    CETLMSOR2008_Proceedings.pdf CETL-MSOR Conference 2008 Lancaster University 8th – 9th September ... Conference Proceedings Edited by David Green Acknowledgements CETL-MSOR 2008 would not ... � CETL-MSOR Conference 2008 Contents Index of Authors 5 Papers in MSOR Connections 7 Editor’s application/pdf attached to:Proceedings from annual conference 2008: CETL-MSOR 2008


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