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  1. RES_TT_Evaluation_dialogue_sheet_instructions_Abbi_Flint.pdf

    RES_TT_Evaluation_dialogue_sheet_instructions_Abbi_Flint.pdf Students as partners change programme ... Evaluation ‘Dialogue Sheet’ instructions Dr Abbi Flint 1. This is a “dialogue sheet” – a table top thinking ... Oxley, A. and Flint, A. (2008). Placing student voices at the heart of institutional dialogue. application/pdf attached to:Evaluation dialogue sheet instructions

  2. RES_PPT5_Evaluation_planning_-_Andrew_Fleming_and_Abbi_Flint.pdf

    RES_PPT5_Evaluation_planning_-_Andrew_Fleming_and_Abbi_Flint.pdf Developmental evaluation ... initiatives “in which both the path and the destination are evolving” (Gamble 2008) • is integral to the ... Foundation. Gamble, J. (2008) A developmental evaluation primer, J W McConnell Family Foundation. Jackson, application/pdf attached to:Evaluation planning

  3. RES_TT_Evaluation_dialogue_sheet_-_Abbi_Flint.pdf

    RES_TT_Evaluation_dialogue_sheet_-_Abbi_Flint.pdf No Slide Title Evaluation Base line data (a) ... groups of people play, who has access and control over resources (not just money), reduction of application/pdf attached to:Evaluation dialogue sheet

  4. Health and Social Care Annual Conference 2013 Post Event Resources- e-Resources

    A collection of resources provided by the e-Resource presenters who submitted abstracts to the ... Health and Social Care Annual Conference that was held on the 5-6 June 2013 at the Queens Hotel in Leeds. ... If you require further information about the resources displayed in this section please contact the ...

  5. The full picture: A STEM educator’s perspective on a HEA enhancement event

    stakeholders in my STEM teaching. Engagement through partnership (with Abbi Flint) This workshop also applies ... Academic Practice ( The HEA enhancement event in York on 12 November, is ... the students as partners framework, which Abbi has helped to develop, this time to thinking ...


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