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  1. next-generation-and-digital-natives.pdf

    next-generation-and-digital-natives.pdf Report 1 The Net Generation and Digital Natives ... Net Generation and Digital Native do not capture the processes of change that are taking place. 2. The ... structure designed to accommodate a Net Generation of Digital Natives. The evidence indicates that young application/pdf attached to:The Net Generation and Digital Natives - Implications for Higher Education

  2. The Net Generation and Digital Natives- Implications for Higher Education

    The research involved collecting data from almost 50 students in a range of social science departments across three universities. Participants completed logs on a monthly basis (some for more than a year), filled out biographic questionnaires, and a numbe ...

  3. trinder_et_al_learning_from_digital_natives_bridging_formal_and_informal_learning_summary.pdf

    . Trinder K, Guiller J, Margaryan A, Littlejohn A and Nicol D ‘Learning from digital natives ... trinder_et_al_learning_from_digital_natives ... _bridging_formal_and_informal_learning_summary.pdf Microsoft Word- trinder_et_al_learning_from_digital_natives application/pdf attached to:Trinder K, Guiller J, Margaryan A, Littlejohn A and Nicol D: Learning From Digital Natives: Bridging Formal and Informal Learning (May 2008)

  4. Reflective learning for the Net Generation

    curricula but many Net Generation students do not engage in the process within formal educational settings ... digital stories that stimulate reflective learning. Digital stories present a personal and reflective ... challenges, and implications for further research, to the use of Web 2.0 technologies and digital ...

  5. Discussing the uses of technologies in teaching and learning

    doesn’t suggest to me that their time has passed! No more digital natives The term ‘digital native’ did ... generational fixes. Digital literacies Contributors to the discussion found this term imprecise and weren’t ... the ‘digital natives’ idea is empirically dubious. Where there is research about what people do with ...


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