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  1. id349_A_Briefing_on_Assessment_in_Problembased_Learning.pdf

    Learning 13 7 Assessment: A Briefing on Assessment in Problem-based Learning LTSN Generic Centre ... : A Briefing on Assessment in Problem-based Learning 10 LTSN Generic Centre – Assessment Series 2004 To date, ... and peer assessment. Assessment: A Briefing on Assessment in Problem-based Learning 13 15 LTSN Generic application/pdf attached to:A briefing on assessment in problem-based learning

  2. A briefing on assessment in problem-based learning

    This briefing examines some of the main principles of assesment as applied to problem-based ... learning (PBL). In particular, the need to ensure alignment between the objectives and student learning ... outcomes of the course, the learning environment and assessment methods. ...

  3. Problem Based Learning in Architecture [Briefing Guide No. 11]

    This CEBE Briefing Guide provides an outline of Problem Based Learning and provides information on ... how to utilise PBL in Architecture Courses. ...

  4. Innovative Problem-based learning approach using on and offline resources in 1st Year Chemical Engineering

    A paper from the Engineering Education Conference, 2008. This paper outlines a problem-based ... learning approach to assessment of undergraduate engineering students at the University of Sheffield. ...

  5. ps0080_possibilities_problem_based_learning_in_physics_and_astronomy_mar_2005.pdf

    learning focuses on the endpoint. In Problem-Based Learning, the output, if any, is just one piece of ... on students Models of Problem Based Learning The term ‘model’ [Ref 5] is used in PBL in two senses: ... ps0080_possibilities_problem_based_learning_in_physics_and_astronomy_mar_2005.pdf PossiBiLities- application/pdf attached to:PossiBiLities - Problem-based Learning in Physics and Astronomy


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