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  1. Life outside the classroom

    disabilities 6 2.8 Safety 7 3. Additional resources 7 4. What is the evidence? 8 Further readings 8 1. ... result in mental illness or trigger a crisis where they may be failing, accused of plagiarism or ... students continue to be attracted to the UK as a study destination. 3. Additional resources UKCISA (UK ...

  2. Reading and note making

    plagiarism, and critical thinking. The resource on lecturing also makes points about note taking in that ... material in sections devoted to academic writing, avoiding plagiarism, and critical thinking. The resource ... making 5 4. Top Tip 6 5. Resources 6 5.1 Guides for students 6 5.2 Additional reading 6 1. Introduction ...

  3. Supervision

    Outside information and support 5 3. Top resources 5 4. What is the evidence? 5 Further reading: 5 Most ... written work  Texts available about how to write a thesis  How to avoid plagiarism (see Addressing ... plagiarism section)  The examination process  Other sources of support  What to do if things go wrong 3. ...

  4. Internationalising the curriculum

    resources A-Khavari, A. (2006). The Opportunities and Possibilities for Internationalising the Curriculum of ... are key vehicles for improving teaching and learning for all students. Internationalising the ... to operate in diverse cultural environments. Internationalising the curriculum The information on ...

  5. Maria talks about avoiding and detecting plagiarism with International Students

    detecting plagiarism with international students. ...


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