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  1. Gloucestershire 2010 NTFS final project report.pdf

    Gloucestershire 2010 NTFS final project report.pdf Rethinking Final Year Projects and Dissertations ... discipline or professional field, and as an occasion for integrative learning (Huber 2010; Huber et al. ... / professionals Individual supervision Group / peer supervisions While celebrating the variety of forms that FYPD application/pdf attached to:Rethinking final-year projects and dissertations: creative honours and capstone projects

  2. NTFS_Project_Gloucestershire_2010_final.pdf

    NTFS_Project_Gloucestershire_2010_final.pdf Developing and enhancing undergraduate final-year ... previous NTFS projects concerned with undergraduate research in new UK universities (Childs et al. 2010 ... This book, which is the result of a National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) project undertaken by application/pdf attached to:Developing and enhancing undergraduate final-year projects and dissertations

  3. 2010-NTFs_Synthesis_Report.pdf

    25 National Teaching Fellows (NTFs) final reports from the 2010 cohort are synthesised in a document ... submitted in December 2013 by the National Teaching Fellows of the 2010 NTFS cohort. The individual reports ... value of the NTF award through a selection of quotes taken from the NTFs’ reports. The individual application/pdf attached to:The reports of the 2010 National Teaching Fellows - a synthesis

  4. 2013_NTFS_Data_Report.pdf

    download from the NTFS pages of the HEA website: ... Reviewers are asked to assess each of the three criteria independently in accordance with the ... moderation__________________________________________________ 3 Overview of the nominations to NTFS 2013_______________________________________ 4 Equal application/pdf attached to:NTFS 2013 data report

  5. Liverpool John Moores NTFS 2010 project final report.pdf

    Liverpool John Moores NTFS 2010 project final report.pdf The Forgotten Year? Tackling the Second ... 2010-2013 institutional NTFs and external representation through the Director of Institutional Research at ... year experience, student engagement, performance, transition, institutional data 2010 application/pdf attached to:The forgotten year: tackling the ‘sophomore slump’


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