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  1. The Future of Higher Education Fieldwork in GEES briefing report 2012

    based disciplines. The future of fieldwork within the GEES disciplines will continue in much the same ... This report outlines current undergraduate GEES fieldwork provision across a selection of HEIs in ... of the introduction of increased tuition fees. The Future of Higher Education Fieldwork in Geography, ...

  2. Designing Effective Fieldwork for the Environmental and Natural Sciences

    design and delivery of fieldwork in the environmental and natural sciences. GEES Fieldwork Guide GEES ... Fieldwork Design GEES Learning and Teaching Guide 1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose of this guide This guide is ... valuable (Image: Lloyd Russell, University of Plymouth) 4 Fieldwork Design GEES Learning and Teaching Guide ...

  3. Teaching Geoscience through Fieldwork

    ?’ Fieldwork Guide GEES Learning and Teaching Guide- 7- These responses demonstrate a number of key priorities ... of knowledge through appropriately designed fieldwork than it is Fieldwork Guide GEES Learning and ... variation in the amount of fieldwork provision within HE. This reflects the duration and specialisation of ...

  4. One Step Ahead: enhancement through the GEES disciplines, a Scottish perspective

    specifically focused on the GEES disciplines, the project website provides a variety of useful resources for ... These are just a few examples of generic and discipline-specific resources. For more visit: ... pages developed and maintained by the GEES Subject Centre contain a wide variety of resources on many ...

  5. GEES Subject Centre External Evaluation Report: Departmental Workshop Programme

    workshops appropriately aligned with future GEES developments and departmental areas of interest? Does the ... Environmental Sciences and Geography, University of Wolverhampton Workshops: 1. Fieldwork in HE (2002) 2. ... Employability and Independent Learner were more of a discussion group format. Fieldwork in HE was practical ...


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