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  1. Aligning teaching and assessment to curriculum objectives

    curriculum design that optimizes the conditions for quality learning. Purpose Introduction The expansion, ... alignment (CA) is such a system. It is an approach to curriculum design that optimizes the conditions for ... which includes the values that are transferred in the so-called ‘hidden’ curriculum. Where does CA stand ...

  2. A Guide for Teachers- e-Learning Series No.3

    technical and resource discovery aspects of course design. This guide tackles these issues as well as ... designers with many other professionals working in their institution while taking on a bigger role in the ... examining emerging pedagogical issues that arise from the use of technologies in teaching. You will find ...

  3. Practice makes perfect: Improving success rates in a Database Design module

    appreciation of the rigorous methods that are needed to design, develop and maintain database systems, and ... the deadline. The original practical laboratories that taught students relational database design and ... module ‘Database Design’ because they perceive it will increase their employability and it is central to ...

  4. Inclusive curriculum design in higher education

    2010]. Inclusive curriculum design in higher education REFERENCES AND RESOURCES 2 Inclusive curriculum ... / mb/ [15 December 2010]. 9 Inclusive curriculum design in higher education Johnson, T. (2008) ... bmaf/documents/Resources/Employability_case_studies/ Employability_Mary_Malcolm.pdf [29 December 2010]. 11 Inclusive curriculum design in higher ...

  5. Beyond the Benchmark

    than the subject that will have value and therefore choosing something they feel most strongly about. ... Class Writing) extend to all levels and across the curriculum, so we trust that the worth of any new ... and even that phrase has been out-done by the reality of the intervening years, during which Creative ...


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