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  1. Enquiry_into_the_nature_of_external_examining.doc

    Enquiry_into_the_nature_of_external_examining.doc Enquiry into the nature of external examining ... ENQUIRY INTO THE NATURE OF EXTERNAL EXAMINING Final report July 2004 Research team: Andrew Hannan ... enquiry into the nature of external examining’ issued by LTSN on behalf of the consortium contained an application/msword attached to:Enquiry into the Nature of External Examining

  2. Enquiry into the Nature of External Examining

    external examining in 12 institutions of higher education (HE) from across the UK, three of which were ... This research project was undertaken between January and July 2004. It focused on the nature of ... 'new' (post 1992) universities. There were 34 interviews with individual external examiners and 12 with ...

  3. id380_Enhancing_Support_for_External_Examining_Report_and_Action_Plan.pdf

    (2004) Enquiry into the Nature of External Examining (Full report 66 pages and 4 page executive summary). ... into why people engage in external examining and into the nature of the professional actions underlying ... training given to external examin- ers, the content and nature of the reports they are asked to provide, application/pdf attached to:Enhancing Support for External Examining: Report and Action Plan

  4. External_Examining_in_Social_Work.pdf

    3 1 Introduction This handbook is a website resource to support the role of external examiners on Social Work ... levels of expertise and experience of external examiners, and it is important to secure this supply into ... EEs may also be asked to answer a question of this nature on the external examiner’s report form sent application/pdf attached to:External examining on qualifying programmes for Social Work in the UK

  5. The_future_of_external_examining_and_the_Academy.doc

    The_future_of_external_examining_and_the_Academy.doc The Future for External Examining and the ... the Future of Higher Education recognised external examiners as ‘the guardians of the public purse and ... faith in the external examining system and places considerable responsibility on the shoulders of application/msword attached to:The Future for External Examining and the Higher Education Academy


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