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  1. Developing and delivering quality items for high stakes assessments in the UK veterinary schools

    a shared database of questions. As all schools must deliver teaching and assessment in line with RCVS ‘Day ... 7 Developing and delivering quality items for high stakes assessments in the UK veterinary schools ... practice. The final year of most veterinary curricula is lecture-free and based in a university-delivered ...

  2. Developing and implementing a negotiated assessment scheme for cross- and inter-disciplinary practical work

    teaching, it is essential that assessment systems are able to meet those aspirations in price. This study ... As notions of creativity, innovation, interdisciplinarity and excellence inform learning and ... describes the 'creative continuum' and the system of 'negotiated assessment' for ...

  3. Leading innovation in distance teaching and assessment: developing online multimedia activities for MA phonetics and phonology students

    students in mind but are relevant to a range of linguistics, English language or ELT students, working ... able to read the phonemic fonts used in these resources. If you can't then download Lucida Sans ... Player and will be able to see the animations used in these resources. If not, when you open a page when ...

  4. Using problem-based learning to teach constitutional and administrative law

    This case study explores the use of problem-based learning (PBL) as a means of delivering specific ... aspects of the constitutional and administrative law module to first year undergraduates, working in teams ...

  5. Aligning teaching and assessment to curriculum objectives

    learning processes. In an integrated system, on the other hand, all aspects of teaching and assessment are ... areas. His work with portfolio assessment crystallised his thinking about learning and teaching, by ... assessment tasks, are aligned to the learning activities assumed in the intended outcomes. The learner is in ...


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