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  1. Developing and delivering quality items for high stakes assessments in the UK veterinary schools

    a shared database of questions. As all schools must deliver teaching and assessment in line with RCVS ‘Day ... 7 Developing and delivering quality items for high stakes assessments in the UK veterinary schools ... practice. The final year of most veterinary curricula is lecture-free and based in a university-delivered ...

  2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Databases (TLAD)

    Introducing NoSQL into the Database Curriculum. In Proc.10th HEA Workshop on Teaching, Learning and Assessment ... the Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Databases (TLAD 2014). TLAD 2014 was held on the 4th July at ... researchers and practitioners in order to share good learning, teaching and assessment practice and ...

  3. Aligning teaching and assessment to curriculum objectives

    learning processes. In an integrated system, on the other hand, all aspects of teaching and assessment are ... areas. His work with portfolio assessment crystallised his thinking about learning and teaching, by ... assessment tasks, are aligned to the learning activities assumed in the intended outcomes. The learner is in ...

  4. Work based learning: University management of work based learning

    assessment, and work-based learning. They advise creativity in building upon links with alumni, or using links ... institutions who had taken earlier interest in activities such as work-based learning (WBL). We were surprised ... aspects and 10 University management of work-based learning cross-disciplinarity in work-based studies. ...

  5. Developing and implementing a negotiated assessment scheme for cross- and inter-disciplinary practical work

    teaching, it is essential that assessment systems are able to meet those aspirations in price. This study ... As notions of creativity, innovation, interdisciplinarity and excellence inform learning and ... describes the 'creative continuum' and the system of 'negotiated assessment' for ...


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