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  1. Disciplinary_approaches_subject_centre_resources.pdf

    Disciplinary_approaches_subject_centre_resources.pdf Disciplinary approaches- Subject Centre ... Politics (Subject Network for- C-SAP) 6 17. Related resources 6 Below is a selection of resources hosted by ... our Subject Centres and arranged by discipline area. Keep checking this area as more resources will be application/pdf attached to:Disciplinary approaches - Subject Centre resources

  2. Written Feedback for Students: too much, too detailed or too incomprehensible to be effective?

    study entitled ‘Improving the effectiveness of Formative Assessment in Science Teaching’, involving ... for improving student learning by making changes to the way formative assessment and feedback are ... effectiveness of written feedback at both universities. The paper presents a more detailed analysis specifically ...

  3. Help to shape the future of external examining

    inform the second stage of the Quality Assessment Review currently being undertaken by funding councils ... review, which will report in May, will assess if arrangements for external examining are fit for purpose ... external examiners and of heads of quality, academic registrars and others who are responsible for ...

  4. Roe workshop details.pdf

    Roe workshop details.pdf The University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities: A Workshop. ... University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities’ is a successful HEA-funded project in which BA ... resources on the University of Roehampton’s campus in a ‘campus project’ research module. This workshop is application/pdf attached to:The university campus as a learning resource: a workshop

  5. Developing and delivering quality items for high stakes assessments in the UK veterinary schools

    of a pool of high quality items would also support assessment for learning through higher-level ... structure of the UKCDR, the repository would contain a large number of high-quality items that conform to ... best practice and that have been subject to a process of rigorous and ongoing review. The availability ...


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