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  1. Special report 2- A pilot systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of problem based learning

    manuscript including Antoinette Peters and Peter Tymms. The report reflects the views of the members of ... that continues to have a large impact across subjects and disciplines worldwide. PBL is promoted by ... method of choice. PBL is now also now spreading into non- – professional subject areas of Higher ...

  2. Becoming Reflexive Practitioners: Exploring the Role of Summative Assessment in Encouraging Vocal Skills in First-year Undergraduate Singers

    Final reportRIMEREVISED 1 Report for Palatine April 2009 Becoming reflexive practitioners – exploring ... practitioners and the role of the summative assessments form the focus of this study. Recent studies of ... summative assessment and the different ways singers reflect on their performance skills. Microsoft Word- ...

  3. Supporting a community of MEDEV professional developers

    the areas served by the MEDEV subject centre suggested a need to establish ways in which colleagues ... initiate the creation of a vibrant on-line community of educational/staff developers in the MEDEV subject ... Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine (MEDEV) Subject Centre Re Mini-project 519: Supporting ...

  4. Reuse as Heuristic: from transmission to nurture in learning activity design

    learning design or activity from third-party digital resources and to reflect both on the process and its ... in healthcare related subjects in Higher and Further Education were asked to create an original ... own original learning designs and learning activities from third-party digital resources. By ...

  5. 'APEX'- Reflective Practice for Housing Practitioners

    APEX- programme leading to Corporate Membership of the Chartered Institute of Housing. APEX is the practical experience requirement for those who wish to be professionally qualified members of the Chartered Institute of Housing. It complements the academi ...


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